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Responding to Cart Abandonment

In deciding how to respond to cart abandonment, once first has to understand the reasons that people abandon their purchase online. A study by Forrester indicated that the key reasons for abandonment fall into two key areas, price and time.

1. Add our code snippet

Typically, the price of the product or shipping being too high; or the customer not being ready to purchase yet, or the retailer not able to deliver the product quickly enough. This has given online marketers two key challenges to respond to: - The need to reduce cart abandonment rates; - The need to remarket to customers who abandon their shopping cart; There are a number of different methods, which can help to reduce shopping cart abandonment. These range from strategic business led approaches such as looking to incentivize purchases or provide more options for shipping, through to more tactical and technical changes such as reducing the stages required to complete a purchase and making the checkout process more user friendly. All you have to do a this stage is to add our code snippet and we take care of the rest.

2. We setup your remarketing campagin

Equally, there are a number of approaches businesses can take in remarketing consumers who abandon a purchase online. Email Remarketing is now well established as the most commonly used tactic that marketers can take - sending an automated email within a few minutes or hours of a purchase being abandoned - but new techniques such as On-Site Remarketing - displaying real-time messages on the website at the point a customer abandons - are proving just as successful in improving online conversion rates.

At this stage, we will look into what your store needs in order to improve sales up to 12%. We will take care of all the back-end work and also the setup of your remarketing campaign.

3. You start receiving more customers

Within days you will start receiving more customers for your business and online sales will increase. We also provide you with a set of valuable tools in order to track and measure the orders that you get from us. Based on the same tools, we always measure your performance and constantly improve your conversion rate.

New statistics by IMRG reveal that both UK digital shoppers and Digital Buyers are on course for a year-on-year increase. Statistics revealed that in 2013 the UK had 760 million orders pass through, this figure is set to increase to a further 865 million this year in 2014 (an increase of 14.2% year-on-year).

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