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Q: How much could we exactly make by using Cart-Booster services?

A: Typically around a 10-15% uplift in sales. But it could be even more, depending on several factors. By combining our Email Remarketing & On-Site solutions, our top performing customers achieve an uplift in sales of over 16%.

Q: How does it work?

A: Our JavaScript captures the data of customers who abandon a purchase and then we send them a nice personal email to entice them back to purchase. The code sits on a minimum of three pages on the customer website - capturing shopping cart information (what's been abandoned?), personal details (who did the abandoning?) and confirmation pages (have they purchased yet?) - however many clients will tag the code globally on the website for ease. We're not shy here at Cart Booster, so if you'd like to know more about our code then why not download our Guide and contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Am I tied into a lengthy contract?

A: No, you are not. We only need 1 month to prove you how much we can help your business, and then it's a monthly rolling service where we only need 7 days notice if you want to stop receiving customers from us.

Q: Is it Legal?

A: Yes. Fully Can-Spam & EC compliant.The Soft Opt-In Principle states: An email can be sent, regardless of opt-in status, providing:
1. The email address was recorded during the checkout process
2. The email is relevant to the goods or services the customer was interested in; and
3. The email contains an unsubscribe link

Q: Will our customers mind?

A: No. Less than 0.2% unsub rate. It's our favourite, and easiest question to answer. Our clients see an unsubscribe rate either lower, or equivalent to, their traditional email marketing sends. The relevancy, and customer service approach we recommends, ensures that customers respond really positively.

Q: How long should I wait after abandonment to email?

A: Your choice. We recommend sending within 1 hour, but it's completely up to you. Stats show that 22% of cart recoveries happen within 6 hours of a purchase being abandoned - waiting 24 hours for a batch process to kick-in just doesn't work anymore.

Q: Would they come back anyway?

A: Some would of course, however we only charge from click. Some customers are bound to find their way back to your site, even without a cart abandonment email helping them to in the right direction - we call this 'Natural Recovery'. Basket abandonment emails are simply a sure-fire way to always ensure that those customers who wouldn't have come back naturally get a nice little reminder.

For any Questions which are not listed, please get in contact with us and we'll gladly assist you.

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